Due to the number of cancellation days used this school year, Wednesday, February 1 will be a regular school day. It was originally scheduled to be a 2 hour delay for professional development.
about 22 hours ago, Aaron Rex
CALLING WAPAKONETA AREA CATERERS & RESTAURANTS! We are are now accepting catering proposals for PROM 2023, which will be held on Saturday May 6. If you would like to cater dinner for our juniors and seniors attending Prom please email a proposal to prom@wapak.org. Please include: Menu & Pricing Terms and Policies, including what the school will need to provide Explanation of how your business will organize the serving/plating and how many volunteers you will need from us. Information that will be helpful to you: All proposals must be in by 8am on February 14, 2023 Dinner is served at 7:30. Initial set up must be complete by 6pm. Dinner will need to be plated and served to our students, we prefer not to use a buffet line. There will be between 250-300 meals The ideal meal would balance the formal nature of Prom with a teenage palate. Ideal price per meal would not exceed $12 and should not include desert. Ideal meal options would include the choice of two entrees. Student can make this choice when ordering prom tickets. Vegetarian and allergy free options may be needed. Questions can also be directed to prom@wapak.org
1 day ago, Carrie Knoch
We had a great evening Saturday as the Buckland Bucks came out victorious vs. St. Henry! It was a pleasure hosting our almuni who attended Buckland and getting to see the memorabilia displayed in our hallways.
8 days ago, Aaron Rex
Buckland alumni
Paige Fiebelkorn, WHS Alumna, wakes up every day to change our community and our world. Paige and her husband Derron are the parents of 8 or 9 or maybe 10...depending on the minute. Paige recently helped to start a foster and kinship support group and is working on starting a "care closet" for those caring for children in foster and kinship care. Thank you for fostering love in your house & supporting others who are doing the same, Paige, and thank you for being a Redskin!
9 days ago, Carrie Knoch
Paige and Derron Fiebelkorn
Nights like these are a reminder of how exceptional our community truly is and how lucky we are to have so many people in our corner. Special thanks to these four photographers and all of the others that help us show the world how great it is to be a Redskin!
11 days ago, Carrie Knoch
wrestling photogs
Today, in honor of the legacy left by Dr King find an extra way to #bebetter
15 days ago, Carrie Knoch
Adriana Stauffer is simply amazing. She comes to school ready to learn and be the best person she can be. Thank you for showing compassion to your classmates, Adriana, and thank you for being a Redskin.
16 days ago, Carrie Knoch
Congratulations Redskins! Way to #swimfasthavefun today at the Lions Club Invitational.
16 days ago, Carrie Knoch
Boys and Girls
These 7 Wapak and 1 Jackson Center cheerleaders are sending love and luck to the basketball teams tonight from Canton!
17 days ago, Carrie Knoch
Fog Day Fun! Several of our staff members spent this “virtual learning day” in professional development for Build: A K-1 Early Reading Intervention
19 days ago, Carrie Knoch
Participants 1
Participants 2
Mark your calendars for this fun day!
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Grand Lake Area Lit Festival Flyer
The Wapakoneta Octagon Club was honored Tuesday evening at the Wapak School Board meeting. The Club received recognition for their contributions to Children's Hometown Holiday (CHH) and for the other projects they also carry out throughout each school year. A Certificate of Commendation which was issued by United States Senator Sherrod Brown, noted that the Club's volunteerism and commitment, have had a positive and lasting impact on the lives of many citizens in the Wapakoneta Community. "These young people have proven themselves role models through their work, specifically with the Children's Hometown Holiday annual Celebration," noted Chairperson for Children's Hometown Holiday, Elaine Poppe. Poppe spoke to Senator Brown in the Fall of 2022 and asked if perhaps some recognition for this outstanding group of student volunteers, might be possible. The Senator noted that he would be proud to honor the Octagon Club and expressed the hope that they would continue in their efforts to bring joy to the children in our community in perpetuity. "He was happy to know that the Octagon Club had been helping CHH since it's inception 16 years ago," Poppe said. She added that, Linda and Terry Blosser had been leading the Octagon Club in 2006 which was the first year for the celebration honoring children in our community. "They immediately agreed to provide 'Santa's helpers and the Octagon Club has served in that capacity ever since that first CHH," said Poppe. "This honor is distinctive because it is a National honor and this citation deserves a special spot in the halls of Wapakoneta High School. I trust it will be front and center in a showcase that honors distinguished alumni and outstanding athletic achievements," Poppe noted. These are the same folks who will be serving whatever community they reside in years from now. Volunteers tend to continue to have that public service sentiment their whole lives. Addressing the School Board, Poppe said, If we think back on who were the volunteers when we were in high school many years ago, we will remember that those are the very same people who are still out there helping to make life better for others" Poppe added that Children's Hometown Holiday is not a formal committee but is made up of folks who volunteer their time and efforts and excellent ideas, to ensure each child in our community has a magical special Holiday weekend where they are celebrated and which will forever create beautiful memories of Christmas in their hometown. No one is ever paid on this committee even though there are many hours needed to accomplish our goal, she added. "There are many examples of that extra step by an Octagon Club member that made a huge difference in the life of one of the little visitors to Santa's house where the Club members stand out in the wind, cold, snow, sleet, whatever the weatherman provides on CHH weekend," Poppe said. "Such dedication should never be unheralded" "The CHH Committee applauds these young people and notes that the Octagon Club is most deserving of our own personal deepest gratitude in addition to that of Senator Brown." CHH is Josh Little, Linda Moore, Deb Zwez, Sandy Schwartz, Casey and Missy Crisp, Melanie Norman, Susan Ginniver, Becky Puff, Rod Metz, Todd Skaggs, Stephanie Shutt Steinke, Mary Dee Maleug, Cal Schneider, Logan O'Neill, Rhonda Cooper and Elaine Poppe. It was founded by Elaine Poppe and Pam Doepker.
20 days ago, Carrie Knoch
octagon club
Students in Mr. Brown’s Ag classes are gaining knowledge in the process of breeding pigs and the care provided to them after birth.
22 days ago, Zane McElroy
Ag Class
Ag Class
Ag Class
Ag Class
High School Students: Don't forget to order your yearbook! You must order by January 27, 2023 to get the discounted price of $65. https://www.jostens.com/apps/store/customer/1048188/WAPAKONETA-HIGH-SCHOOL/
22 days ago, Julia Courter
Mrs. Maurer is a consistent source of support & reason for her co-workers. She always has a smile to share, an open heart, & everyone loves her unforgettable laugh. Thank you for helping your students achieve excellence, Kelly, and thank you for being a Redskin.
23 days ago, Carrie Knoch
Thank you to recent Alumni and current Engineering Majors John Doll, Sherry Zhao, Tyler Ricketts, Ethan Porter, Nikane Ambos, Zach Rogers, and Grant Honigford who sat on an Engineering panel to answer questions from our current students about engineering and college.
25 days ago, Carrie Knoch
Check out the All-star group of wapak alumni who are current engineering students at college. They came back and sat on an Engineering panel to answer questions from our current students about engineering and college. Thank you to John Doll, Sherry Zhao, Tyler Ricketts, Ethan Porter, Nikane Ambos, Zach Rogers, and Grant Honigford.
25 days ago, Carrie Knoch
Wapakoneta Knights of Columbus Free Throw Shooting Contest
28 days ago, Aaron Rex
Free Throw contest
The next ACT Test will be offered at WHS on February 11. Registration is due by January 6. To register please visit: https://www.act.org/content/act/en.html
30 days ago, Carrie Knoch
ACT Logo
Addie Claybaugh wasted no time getting to know her classmates and finding ways that she could be helpful to them! Thank you for coming to school everyday with a huge smile and hard work ethic, Addie, and thank you for being a Redskin.
30 days ago, Carrie Knoch