For the last three years seniors at WHS have had the opportunity to take part in the WIN (Networking and Internship) program.  Each year we have witnessed the program grow, but more importantly we have been able to see our students get so many valuable experiences directly in the field.  These young people are working with attorneys, accountants, medical professionals, our police force, manufacturing settings, and more.  Due to these experiences they have been able to gain scholarships, have college paid for, they have been offered jobs, but most importantly they have insight into what post high school employment can look like.  As this program continues to expand we want to thank our local employers, our paretns, and our career counselor-Mrs. Mears for making it happen.  If you would like for your business/group to get involved, or for your senior to be a part of the program, please contact her at Please take a look at the following video: