During the previous school year we were happy to be able to offer our students the option of virtual learning. We had a large group of students begin the year in an online format and those numbers decreased dramatically over the course of the year.

As we prepare for next year, I want to let everyone know that Wapakoneta will not be offering online courses for students in grades K-7. In grades 8-12 we will return to our previous practice of allowing students to do virtual when it is recommended by the guidance counselors and administrators. The high school has been offering that mode of learning for many years, and it will continue in order for those students to earn credits toward graduation.

Wapakoneta City Schools believes the best way for our young people to learn is in the regular classroom. For this reason we will be placing all K-7th grade students back in classrooms. We will also be returning our 8th-12th grade students to the regular classroom if they switched strictly due to COVID reasons.

In addition, if your child was homeschooled this last year and you would like for them to return to in-person learning you will need to re-enroll. Please stop into our office at 1102 Gardenia Drive in order to complete the enrollment process.

If you have any questions about your child’s placement, you will need to contact their designated school building.