Aullwood Audubon and Center

This year’s fifth-grade field trip to Aullwood Nature Center and Farm in Dayton, Ohio, was very successful. Science students are learning how energy enters the ecosystem as sunlight, which supports the life of organisms through photosynthesis. The field trip showed how nature is made up of producers, consumers, and decomposers and to encounter organisms in a variety of habitats. At the nature center, groups of students were shown examples of various organisms in a hands-on/visual way. They visited the Aullwood pond, meadow, creek, woods, and farm while guides provided details and information about the natural habitat of organisms. They encountered a variety of wildlife including snakes, turtles, fish, worms, salamanders, and squirrels. Wapakoneta City Schools has the distinction of being the first school to visit Aullwood in 19 months due to COVID concerns. The students enjoyed their day of learning outdoors.