Mental Health at WHS
We would like to highlight some of the things that we have done this school year to promote positive mental health for WHS students:
  • Lifelines: Suicide Prevention Program for all 8th graders
  • Free mental health Teen Screens by Family Resource Center staff
  • Health class curriculum that focuses on relationship yes building, decision making, self esteem, and mental health
  • DBT Steps-A curriculum for all 8th graders as well as other student volunteers
  • First Annual Student Connections Showcase
  • Continuation of the Principal Student Advisory Council
  • Redskin Rewards Program
  • School Resource Navigator services through Family Resource Center
  • HOPELINE posters throughout the building
  • Gatekeepers student group (Mental Health Awareness Week, Coffee Cafe, Reverse Trick or Treating, Carnation and Candy Cane Sales)
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes student group
  • Information/Encouragement to be a part of community support groups (Mozaic, Blues)
  • Student birthday recognition
  • Student referrals to mental health agencies for services
  • Weekend Meal Program
  • Wapakoneta Noon Optimist Student of the Month
  • Wapakoneta City Schools Facebook Selfie Sunday
 Your child’s mental health is our priority.  If you have any questions or concerns that you feel need our attention, please contact your child’s guidance counselor or the school social worker at the high school.  We want to work as a team to help your child to be a success at school and beyond.