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Cridersville Elementary Board Report 02/11/2020 Guys in Ties Cridersville’s Guys in Ties has become quite a popular success. To date, we have purchased 250 red bow ties and have handed them out to each of the boys. Every other Tuesday, we meet as a grade level and talk about what it means and looks like to be a gentleman. The parents and the public have gone crazy. When in public, people want to talk about the program. On a few occasions they have offered to help support us in our efforts. Otterbein Cridersville- $2,500 Dr. Lisa Alvetro- $500 Mr. Randy LaMarr- $500 Mrs. Donna Paul- $50 Mrs. Amanda Miller (Otterbein Corporate Office)- $100 Auglaize Embroidery- No upcharge on the purchases of white shirts/ Clothing racks for the stage. This money is being used to purchase 180 white dress shirts, and then to have them cared for by Miller’s Textiles. New Students to Wapakoneta As of the time this report is being written, (and I say that because it changes so quickly) Wapakoneta City Schools has added 97 NEW elementary students in grades K-4 th. This is up from last year. There are many factors that go into making a decision for a family to choose a new place to settle. ? Cost of living #1 ? Schools #2 This is a really good indicator that WCS is fulfilling its mission and creating lifelong learners. Activate Allen County I am happy to announce that Cridersville Elementary has written and received a grant for $2000 to help initiate student physical activity. We will be using the money to add a soccer and football goal combo between the two playgrounds. Any money remaining will be used to add equipment to the preschool and kindergarten playground Upcoming Events: Family Reading Night ? Tuesday February 25th, 2020. Plans are to have a school wide scavenger hunt, where at the final treasure chest they will encounter Miss Emma Rex. Miss Rex, as her National Honor Society project, has raised enough money to provide EVERY student at Cridersville a free new book. This is a wonderful way to spotlight this young lady for all of her hard work this school year. Planning has started on Family Science Night ? Thursday April 23rd, 2020. An exciting evening of Science labs is being planned which will include former Wapak City school teachers that are excited to work with children once again. Mrs. Sandy Feltz from Inoes Chemicals Lima will also be on site to meet and greet families with more than 7 fun Science kits to test knowledge and skill. Cornerstone of Hope Lima To better help serve the students of Cridersville, Cornerstone of Hope and Mrs. Allison Stone have held group meetings with 3rd and 4th grade students. The gatherings have focused on enhancing students’ social emotional learning by learning coping strategies, managing friendships and how to apply their strengths when facing daily challenges.

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