School Bus Safety Information

Bus Stop Rules
  • Students need to be at their designated bus stops 10 minutes before scheduled pickup time and ready to load.
  • Students crossing the road to get on or off from the bus shall do so in front of the bus for their safety.
  • Students are not allowed to switch bus stops if they are late for the bus.
  • Students are asked to respect the surrounding property, such as mailboxes, grass, or landscaping at the bus stop while waiting for the bus and to leave the bus stop location clean of any litter.
On The Bus Behavior
  1. The bus driver is in charge.
  2. Students will be seated as directed by the driver and may be assigned a seat.
  3. Students need to be seated quickly upon entering the bus.
  4. Students are expected to sit three (3) in a seat, when needed.
  5. Students are expected to remain seated while the bus is moving and may only switch seats with permission from the driver.
  6. Students should only bring items aboard the bus that can be held on their lap.
  7. Items not allowed in school are not allowed on the bus. This includes skateboards and roller blades.
  8. Students should keep the bus aisles and emergency exits clear at all times.
  9. No foul or inappropriate language is allowed.
  10. Yelling, loud voices and horseplay are not permitted on the bus.
  11. Eating or drinking on the bus is not permitted.
  12. Students should help keep the bus clean such as placing all their trash in the trash can.
  13. Students must get on and off at their designated bus stop.
  1. Students violating the bus rules may receive a conduct report. These reports are given to the school office.
  2. Students that continue to violate the bus rules may be suspended from the bus.
  3. Our buses have yellow as well as red lights. Remember yellow means slow down; be prepared to STOP! 
  4. Red means to STOP!
Bus Riding Rules
  • Do as the bus driver asks the first time!
  • Keep your body and property to your self!
  • Sit with your back against the seat!
  • Talk in your classroom voice!
  • Remain in your seat while on the bus and until the bus stops at your bus stop.
  • Anywhere around the bus where the driver cannot see you is a DANGER ZONE!
Parent Responsibilities
  1. To insure that your child arrives at the correct bus stop ten (10) minutes before the bus’s scheduled arrival time.
  2. To provide necessary protection for your child when going to and from the bus stop. 
  3. To accept joint responsibility with school authorities for proper conduct of your child while riding the bus and at the bus stop.
  4. To be sure that your child is properly dressed for the weather.
  5. To make a reasonable effort to understand and cooperate with those responsible for pupil transportation.
  6. On occasion, the bus may need to take a different route than normal (e.g. Closed roads, etc.). Please discuss with your child should this happen, there is no need to become upset. They will arrive at their school or bus stop.

Coordinating location and pick-up times

Students new to the district or students who have recently moved within the district should contact their building secretary, who will contact the transportation supervisor to coordinate bus pick-up times and location. Other questions may be directed to Dave Tangeman, Director of Transportation [email protected] or by phone at 419-739-2912 from 7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
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