Message from Mr Rex

The School year approaches!

August 3, 2020

Families and community members,

We have come to the first week of August and school will start in just a few weeks!  The buildings are preparing for your student's return on August 25.  You should be receiving the Redskin Report in the mail, as well as information from each building that will discuss how to access a student's schedule, when the buildings will be open, teacher names for our elementary students, and much more.

The district has provided two options for schooling this year: 1) Return to school as normal 5 days per week, or 2) The online option where students will use computer programs to assist with their learning.  We know that families will choose whatever option they feel is best for their situation.

As we start the year I am sure there will be a lot of questions.  One thing I have found that helps is something I was exposed to quite a few years ago.  It is a powerful tool known as E + R=O, and I believe it is very important in our daily lives, and especially important as we start the school year.  We don’t control the events (E) in our lives, however we do control our response (R) to them.  Your response to these events is what will determine the outcome (O).  Just like all other school years there will be many events that take place; lots of positive things for sure, but also challenges that we don’t even know about yet.  Our young people will attempt to learn hard concepts, they will win/lose, get things right, get things wrong, make friends, struggle and succeed, and they will experience all kinds of challenges.  At some point we may even find ourselves learning from home again….However, we are the ones who control our responses to these events and therefore the outcome.  No matter what, I am always going to strive to make my response a positive one, that is what your kids, and my kids need!

Our teachers have been taking part in a variety of trainings involving multiple teaching tools and also safety preparation.  Every person in the district has a focus on making this school year the best it can possibly be.  Each day we ask ourselves what can we do to be prepared for your kids to be back in the buildings, and of course we ask ourselves how can we #bebetter?

Remember that we love your kids and we are doing everything we can to be at school five days a week with as normal a schedule as possible.  Our staff will be cleaning surfaces, wearing masks, teaching about safety, and doing what we need to do.  I ask that you talk to your child about what they can do to be safe while at school.  Kids need to see their classmates, we need to see your kids, and kids learn the most from teachers!

I cannot wait to see our young people on August 25 and I am looking forward to all that the year will bring.  Focus on E+R=O and I will too.  As long as we stay positive and control our responses to any event, we will be able to help lead our kids to a positive outcome-A great school year for the students of Wapakoneta!

As always if you have any questions feel free to contact me at 419-739-2900 or [email protected]


Aaron Rex

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