Professional Reading Buffet

Professional Reading Buffet

These are some topics for which I've found articles, videos or activities and made a hyperdoc for each one.  This will allow you to access an article, video or other resource and answer a few prompts about what you've read, watched or explored.  This PD will be available for WOEA day credit or for a stipend (as long as there is still money available and you are a WCS teacher). Each article is worth between 15 minute and 30 minutes.  This is the buffet of PD opportunities. You can pick which articles you would like to do-you can do one or all of them. 


Handwriting Development 

Strategy For Reducing Math Test Anxiety

Tips For Allowing Test Retakes  

Unraveling the Myths Around Reading and Dyslexia

Special Education

Classroom Management and Self Regulation

Traits of Students Identified as Gifted

#DitchTheClips Early Childhood Behavior Management

Learning to Write, Writing to Learn  

Mental Health in Schools

Unleashing Problem Solvers

Dyslexia  (1 hour)

Productive Struggle  



RIT Scores and Lexile Scales 

Learning Continuum

Achievement Status and Growth Report  

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