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Middle School

December 15, 2020

PBIS Update:  

  • Band of Brothers - Thanks to our new schedule this year, we have been able to have meetings in the morning to build relationships with difficult male students. Meetings consist of a game of dodgeball, followed by a character education lesson led by male teachers. We have discussed topics like bullying, leaving a positive impact on others, and feeding ourselves positive messages. Donuts have been provided by the Women’s Civic League of Wapakoneta. 

  • Student Survey Results - We issued a survey to students to gain insight into our school climate. Those responses were evaluated by the PBIS team to determine new ways to improve processes within the school. The responses received were very positive, including: 93.1% of students feel successful at school, 92.4% of students feel our school has high standards for achievement, 96.6% of students feel our school sets clear rules for behavior, and 96.2% of students feel teachers treat them with respect. Areas of improvement include: 88.6% of students don’t know where to make suggestions for PBIS (The suggestion box is in the office.) and specific items wished to be included in the PBIS School Store.  


New Class Leads to Students Developing Life Skills:  Last spring, WMS decided that it needed to provide a curriculum for students to instruct them on basic life skills. The seven week course was created to blend skills from health, nutrition, car care, home care, finance literacy, family and future careers with the goal to provide students with life skills that can be practically applied to their daily lives. The class is intended to be very hands-on in nature. Students will utilize a computer lab as well as a skills lab to engage in the lessons provided. Each topic will be spread across 3 years, in an effort to build a strong knowledge foundation. The course will utilize community resources to foster strong relationships within the community. 

DARE Graduation: Last week our 6th graders celebrated their DARE graduation, since they were unable to celebrate it last spring. Students worked hard to complete their DARE workbooks and essays. The major goal of the DARE program is to establish a foundation of good decision-making skills as well as to let students know they always have a resource if they need help.  

6th Grade Sells Candy Canes to Help Less Fortunate:  WMS students just finished their annual candy cane fundraiser.  They advertise, sell and distribute candy canes.  The proceeds from this sale are used to buy presents for families in the community.  Thanks to all the sixth grade teachers for providing this excellent learning experience for our students and strengthening their understanding of community service!  

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Will Snyder
William Snyder, Principal
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