Gifted Law in Ohio

Gifted Identification and Gifted Services in Ohio

In the state of Ohio, school districts are not required to provide gifted services.  However, all schools are required to identify gifted students. Wapakoneta City Schools support the identification of gifted students by:
• providing at least two opportunities per year for students to be referred for testing.
• having a plan for assessing Superior Cognitive Ability, Specific Academic Ability,
Creative and/or Productive Thinking, and Visual and/or Performing Arts.
• providing more than one opportunity for screening and administering assessments.
• administering assessments by qualified personnel, in compliance with instructions of the test publisher.
• using only assessments that are approved by ODE.
• notifying families of the results of screening or results within 30 days.
• accepting qualifying scores for students transferring from other districts. If a student transfers from another district and a parent requests assessment, the assessments will be conducted within 90 days.
• assuring that assessments do not exclude children of culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds.

According to Ohio law, if a district provides Gifted services, they must follow criteria for such services. Wapakoneta City Schools supports the education of gifted students by:
• providing instruction that is responsive to the needs of our students.
• not allowing subjectivity (teacher recommendation) to exclude students from services in which they are eligible for.
• providing reports on the progress of students.
• having a process for withdrawal from gifted services. Parents and students always have input into the final decision regarding withdrawal from services.

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