What is CoTeaching?

CoTeaching is two teachers who may or may not have the same area of expertise jointly delivering instruction to a group of students.  In many cases this is an instructional method that pairs a general  education teacher and a special education teacher in the same classroom.  In some elemenary classrooms we have paired a general education teacher and a reading specialist.  

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Testimonials From Our Staff

CoTeaching provides the opportunity to work in small groups with my students allowing me to immediately see what a student needs. Because we are working in small groups, I am able to reteach or enrich on the spot while providing instant and specific feedback.
-Michelle Roediger, Wapakoneta Middle School

At the co-teaching workshop I attended, the instructor compared the world of co-teaching to a marriage! That analogy was perfect! I feel extremely fortunate to have been placed in a kindergarten co-teaching environment with Angela Harrison. Like any good marriage the most important quality to find,I believe, is trust and respect. From the first day that we sat down together we had one common goal...OUR KIDS! Together we learned to lean on one another, to learn from one another, to laugh together and to help one another! We learned to change and adapt so that we are giving OUR KIDS as much help as possible. It's true, TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE! and in a room of 24 five year olds, an extra set of hands is priceless! Every teacher must take attendance and do lunch count every morning. I could go on and on with the daily responsibilities of a teacher but as Miss Harrison is greeting and counting and helping tie shoes and giving directions, I have already begun to work with children who are struggling with their letters or learning their numbers. I have time to listen to a child who has been absent due to an illness and welcome them back and get them caught up on what they have missed. I am able to pull a child over to a table in our room and give them immediate feedback on something that they didn't understand. Having two teachers in our room allows us to have smaller math groups,smaller reading groups, and during our center time we are able to have two teacher led centers! It really doesn't get any better than that! After being in kindergarten for 12 months I can honestly say OUR KIDS are so lucky to have two teachers in their room!
-Denise Black, Cridersville Elementary School

“I have been a regular education teacher and a special education teacher. The most difficult year that I have had in all 15 years, was my first year as a Co-teacher. Meeting the needs of the special ed students and the regular ed teachers was very difficult. However, the benefits of providing ‘ALL’ students the general education curriculum was worth every tear. ‘ALL’ students felt included, confident, and prepared for state testing.”
-Tracy Haag, Wapakoneta High School
Initially, I was a skeptic about co-teaching but kept an open mind. I am so happy that I did! Co-Teaching has provided me with an opportunity to work with students in small groups and, as a result, I am better able to intentionally plan and teach to all students.
-Chris Talowsky, Wapakoneta Elementary School
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