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To The Moon and Beyond...

Education in Wapakoneta has, as history has been witness to, taken our alumnus to the moon.  With education other alumni have become Chemistry professors, Emmy award-winning Directors of Photography, First Responders who willingly sacrifice their lives to protect ours, Manufacturing Engineers at Wilson Sporting Goods, where they get to make footballs everyday for the NFL, NCAA and High Schools, Pediatric Cardiologists, Pilots, Small Business Owners in Wapakoneta and throughout the country and Biologists working on commercial fishing vessels in Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska.  Education has also taken our alumni to filming and appearing in a hunting show in Iowa, to designing sets in California for commercials and movies, to teaching careers in Agricultural Education, to graphic designs that are featured nationally and internationally, to designing and building a conical log spiral antenna that is used in Antarctica for ice measurements, to defending our country, to delivering babies, to dancing at Walt Disney World, and even to a career as a teacher and school administrator. Despite this amazing list of accomplishments, these accomplishments don’t even begin to touch the impact our students have had and still will have on our world.  


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