Principal's Corner

April, 2018

Earlier this month our Students with Voices group hosted the fourth grade students in the district for Choose Kindness Day. Before this day took place, all of the fourth grade students read the book Wonder. This book follows a group of students throughout a school year and describes the trials and tribulations that all students go through during their school career. Once the fourth grade students arrived at the high school they were split up into small groups. Members of Students with Voices lead them in small group discussion about treating others with kindness. There was great interaction between the high school students and the fourth grade students. Once the discussions were finished, the fourth grade students and Students with Voices members watched the movie Wonder in the performing arts center. When the movie was finished, the groups met again to discuss their reactions to the movie. This was such a powerful day not only for the fourth grades students but also the high school students that were involved. Our hope is that it leaves a lasting impact on all of the students that participated. 

This month we have been taking the AIR state assessments at Wapakoneta High School.  These state assessments require us to alter our schedule each day so that we can administer the assessments.  As of now, everything has run smoothly and that is because of everyone chipping in and doing their part.  I want to thank all of our staff, parents, and students for their flexibility during this testing season. 

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