Redskin Rumor Mill

We are happy to introduce this portion of our website, which we are calling the Rumor Mill.  We will be using it to improve communication with our local community.  Obviously, we want the community to have factual information, understood by all parties involved, when it comes to our school district.  This is one method that we will be able to utilize with our public to perhaps improve the circulation of factual information throughout the community.  Rumors can spread quickly and can be damaging, so we encourage you to submit questions or comments to the Rumor Mill. 

We do reserve the right to screen and edit any inquiry prior to posting, and that does include declining to post certain information.  However, for issues that we think are important to the collective school community, we will provide a response for all individuals to see. 

Posting a comment or question to the Rumor Mill is easy, as you can simply email questions to the address listed below:

We request that your name and contact information be included, in case we need more information.  However, no names will be shared on the website.  We hope that you take advantage of this communication tool. 

RUMOR:  Why are they not selling the Krispy Kreme Donuts at the football games anymore?

FACT:  Krispy Kreme no longer delivers to this area, and therefore, the Boy Scouts can no longer get them to sell.  We are disappointed too!

RUMOR:  I have been hearing that hoodies are not being permitted to wear, is this true?

FACT:  Thanks for the questions.  Administering a dress code is often a very difficult process.  We have not banned "hoodies" in our buildings, however, we do ask that students not have their hoods up during the school day. 

RUMOR:  I heard that Staph was found in a locker room.  If this is true and if that does every happen, how is it cleaned?

FACT:  We have checked and there have been no cases of staph or anything related to staph reported to anyone affiliated with WCS.  However, thanks for the questions.  If this ever does happen, we would complete at minimum the following activities:

1) Clean the suspected area or areas with appropriated cleaners and cleaning methods. 

2) Contact the health department to insure the steps we were taking were appropriate.

3) We would notify the parents of students who may be impacted.  For example, if we new that an issue was isolated to a specific locker room, we would notify the individuals who would typically use that locker room.

RUMOR:   My child said that they can’t have peanut butter at lunch any longer.  Is this because of Mrs. Obama’s Child Nutrition Guidelines? 

FACT:   There are actually two reasons why peanut butter has been limited in our district.  First, some manufacturers may not feel they can meet the government regulations and they have stopped production of items we have purchased in the past. Also, certain items previously offered do not meet the new guidelines. Our child nutrition department is dedicated to finding meals that are cost effective, enjoyed by students and are healthy.

Second, at Wapak Elementary, peanut butter is no longer offered during Kindergarten lunches. Parents of kindergarten students and students in other classrooms throughout the district have also been asked to avoid certain foods when sending snacks to the classrooms. This decision was made due to the number of students that have very severe food allergies. As this number has increased we have tried to make changes to protect our students from what could be life-threatening situations. We believe this will continue to be a challenge for us in the future. However, we are committed to finding solutions for the health and safety of all of our students. Food allergies are on the increase nationwide, between 1997 and 2007 there was an 18% increase in nationwide food allergies according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Currently, it has been reported that there are over 15 million people suffer from food allergies in the United States. In our school district there are 32 students with severe (sometimes life-threatening) food allergies.  This number does not include students that have been diagnosed with food intolerances, red dye allergies, or other non-severe allergies.  Parents with children with severe food allergies have formed a support group that will meet at Wapak Elementary School on Thursday Feb 7th at 5pm. With the support of the WCS Child Nutrition Department and SeFacs,LLC (food allergy consultants) these parents hope to offer support to families in our community dealing with food allergies and find solutions to common concerns associated with food allergies at school.  If you have a child with food allergies, they invite you to join them.

RUMOR:  I heard a rumor that a certain teacher was going to be the new Assistant Principal at the High School. 


FACT:  I am glad you asked.  We view hiring good people as one of the most important things that we do, and it is obviously essential to our overall success.  Anyone who is a principal has gone through a specific amount of coursework to obtain a license from the State of Ohio to be a principal.  That coursework involves training with respect to curriculum, school law, school finance, and student legal issues, just to name a few.  This typically amounts to 60 semester hours of coursework beyond their college degree.  People who do not have this license are not permitted to be a principal/assistant principal in the state of Ohio.  Individuals who have started, but not finished the coursework could potentially obtain a supplemental license, provided they continue to make academic progress toward earning their license.  In addition to that, we look for certain qualities in administrators, as it is an extremely difficult, challenging, and demanding job.  Just like our teachers, we would ensure that we felt very comfortable about the candidate, through multiple interviews and background checks, prior to making a decision to hire an individual.  Thank you for the question!


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