Gifted Identification and Services

What Does It Mean To Be "Gifted"?

 The general public, and some educators even, believe that being gifted is synonymous with being smart.  Children are gifted when their ability is significantly above the norm for their age.  Although this is an overgeneralization of the process, if we randomly selected a group of 100 people of differening abilities, gave them and assessment of some kind of ability, and then put them in order of their test scores from 0-100, with 50 being average, those that scored a 95 or better would be considered, significantly about average and thus, "gifted".   To many, serving the needs of gifted students feels exclusive or privledged.  Theoretically, we should have just as many students that are significantly about the norm as we do student who are significantly below the norm.  However, in Wapakoneta, there are more students that are identified as being Gifted than we have students with significant disabilites. 

Gifted children are those capable of high performance and have been identified by qualified persons. Children capable of high performance include those with demonstrated achievement and/or potential ability in any of the following areas:
• Superior Cognitive Ability
• Specific Academic Ability
• Creative and/or Productive Thinking
• Visual and/or Performing Arts

James T Webb, Ph.D., ABPP, compiled the following list of general characteristics of students identified as gifted or talented:
• Unusually large vocabulary
• Speaks in complex sentence structures
• Greater comprehension of language nuances
• Longer attention span and persistence in their interest areas
• Intensity of feelings or actions
• Wide range of interests (tunnel vision or grasshopper pattern)
• Strong sense of curiosity
• Able to learn more basic skills quickly
• Learn to read and write before school without instruction
• Unusually good memory
• Unusual sense of humor (particularly puns)

Contact Information

Carrie Knoch
Director of Student Acheivement

Gifted Referral and Testing Dates

Reading and Math Screenings are conducted three times per year using the MAP assessments.  Parents will be notified by mail if their child is identified as gifted by the assessments.  
Superior Cognitive Screenings are conducted in the spring at grade two and grade six. 
Referrals for Superior Cognitive, Content Areas, and the Arts are due for Fall testing by October 30th and for Spring Testing by April 1st. 

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