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Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Awards


To recognize Wapakoneta City Schools alumni who have distinguished themselves in the areas of professional achievement, community service and/or athletic endeavors. This would include those alumni who have received their diplomas from Wapakoneta High School, St. Joseph High School, Buckland High School and Cridersville High School.


  1. To honor successful graduates of the schools that now make up the Wapakoneta City School District.
  2. To allow contemporary students of the Wapakoneta City School District the opportunity to recognize and appreciate contributions made by alumni.
  3. To bind all areas of the school district community with Wapakoneta High School.
  4. To establish a responsive relationship between those being honored and the Wapakoneta student body and faculty.
  5. To encourage civic responsibility, citizenship and achievement among the student body.

Organization and Duties

  • Executive Committee
    • This group will be responsible for developing the framework of the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Award. The Executive Committee will be composed of: High School Principal, Assistant High School Principal, Athletic Administrator, one high school staff member and three (3) members from alumni representing schools making up the Wapakoneta City School District. The principal shall appoint the staff member and three (3) alumni to the committee.
    • Vacancies on the executive committee will be filled by the high school principal.
    • The executive committee will solicit, receive and verify nominations, prepare voting lists, tally votes and make arrangements for the induction.
  • Selection Committee
    • Voting will be done by the selection committee. The selection committee will include all executive committee members and five (5) other members to be chosen, at large, by the executive committee.  

Selection Process

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Any Wapakoneta High School alumni, including previous graduates of St. Joseph, Buckland and Cridersville.
  2. Candidates will be considered fifteen (15) years after their class has graduated from the eligible schools.
  3. Candidates must have distinguished themselves in the areas of professional achievement, community service, and/or athletic endeavors.
  4. The candidate must demonstrate good character and be in good standing with the community.

Nomination Process

  1. All nominations must be submitted on an official form made available at the Wapakoneta High School office. Nominations may be submitted by any interested person and must be endorsed by three (3) other persons. Nominations should be forwarded to the Wapakoneta Hall of Fame, Attn: High School Principal, Wapakoneta High School, 1 West Redskin Trail, Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895.
  2. Once nominated, the candidate will remain under consideration each selection year, thereafter.
  3. Nominations will be accepted throughout the calendar year with review and selection by the executive and selection committee every fifth November, with the next slection anticipated for 2022.

Verification and Selection

  1. All nominees will be notified and asked to update their informational data.
  2. Nominations will be verified by the executive committee in October of election years for the Hall of Fame. Information not verified will not be used.
  3. All persons recommended by the executive committee will be placed on the first ballot.
  4. Ballots containing names of candidates recommended by the executive committee will be prepared with biographical data and listed in alphabetical order.
  5. No more than six (6) nominees will be selected for the initial induction. No more than four (4) nominees will be selected in all subsequent induction years. Inductions will take place every five (5) years.
  6. The selection committee will meet in November of election years and individually arrange nominees’ names in order of preference. The top four (4), (except for the initial year, which will be six [6]) will be placed on a second ballot and voted on for approval by the selection committee. A 2/3 approval of the selection committee is needed for acceptance into the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame.


  1. Induction shall take place in January or February following the selections.
  2. The time of induction into the Hall of Fame shall be set by the executive committee, and shall be such as to give proper respect, ceremony and dignity to the award.
  3. An appropriate award shall be given to each inductee and the name and likeness of each inductee shall be placed in an appropriate display at Wapakoneta High School.
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