Assessment Information
DIBELS - The DIBELS measures were specifically designed to assess 3 of the 5 Big Ideas of early literacy: Phonological Awareness, Alphabetic Principle, and Fluency with Connected Text. The measures are linked to one another and have been found to be predictive of later reading proficiency.  All students in grades K-2 are assessed using the DIBELS assessments 3 times every year.   Click here for more information

K-RAL-Kindergarten Readiness Assessment required by ODE.  Will be administered during Kindergarten screening and must be submitted in EMIS in the fall.  Is required by a child's 6th week of Kindergarten.

DRA-a detailed diagnostic of a child's reading level.  Utilized in grades K-2 in Wapakoneta City Schools.  Independent reading books for individual students are assigned, based on their DRA levels.

Benchmark tests (Common Assessments)-periodic assessments given at designated intervals with all students in a  grade level being assessed on the same materials.  K-5 Scott Foresman Lang. Arts materials provided them.  Teachers aligned them with the grade level indicators.  5-12 teachers are developing common assessments in the core subjects, all aligned to the Academic Content Standards.

Diagnostics-ODE required assessments in grades 1-2 in reading and math and grades 1-3 in writing.  This is informational for parents and teachers, to identify those students who are at-risk learners or those who have not mastered content.  This does not need to be recorded in EMIS, but teachers are required to offer intervention for those identified in need.

Achievement Tests (OAA)-ODE required assessments in 3-8 in math and reading and science.  Due to state budget constraints, writing and social studies assessments have been suspended through 2011.  These results are recorded in EMIS and are reported on the District Report Card.

OGT-Ohio Graduation Test; it replaced the 9th grade proficiency as a requirement for all students to pass in order to graduate.  OGT is aligned with the Ohio Academic Standards and Benchmarks and is reported on the District Report Card.

Click here for High School Assessment Information.


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